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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Light and Darkness

I was going to blog once a week. That didn't work out, did it? That's all right. There is NOT a test at the end of this exercise. Let's set a goal again and see how often I can blog before summer comes.

I was talking to my best friend on the phone on Friday night and I had a vision. It only lasted a few seconds, but when I started praying on Saturday morning, I saw it again. It was vivid and simple and it had such an amazing meaning. It was really encouraging too.

I was talking to my best friend about the dark things in people's lives. You know, the stuff that it can be hard to get rid of, like bad habits, anger, hate, bitterness. These are the shadows that we all struggle with and we want to overcome them. At least, we should. Not just because they're 'sins', but because they hurt others and they hurt us. For example, unforgiveness... that's like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Anyway, I was discussing how some religious, well-meaning folks are forever hitting people over the heads with their sins their sins their sins. Sure. We need to get rid of these things. I agree. I don't want to be bitter or angry or spiteful, but I believe we put the cart before the horse.

How can anybody really let go of their pet habits, sins and vices until they no longer need them for security and comfort? Many people are too fragile to just let go of these things. It's all they've got to hold onto, or so they think. They've been taught that God is way up in the sky holding a bolt of lightning and as soon as we screw up, He's just relishing the idea of zapping us with it. What a load of baloney.

I'm not saying He likes what we do. If we don't ask Him to help us, these things can lead us down a really destructive and dangerous path, but God wants to help. He is always wanting to help. He isn't sitting there waiting for us to do it all alone either. You know... He doesn't go, "Pull up your boot straps, Son and then come talk to me."

No. He says, "Are you having trouble pulling up those boot straps, Son? Come and see Me and we'll do it together."

So, that's what I was saying. We can't even get these things out of our own lives until we get a secure foundation under us. We have to be totally secure in knowing how much we are loved and valued before we will let go of our dark stuff.

As I was saying this, suddenly I saw this vision... just for a few seconds. It was clear though. It was like I saw this tunnel and, at the end of it stood Jesus and He was completely bathed in bright, white light. That wasn't surprising. It does say in the Bible that "God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all."

What was remarkable about it was, I could see people being drawn toward Him. These people had darkness in them and on them. Vices. Habits. Sicknesses. Diseases. Addictions. You name it, they were riddled with junk and I thought, "They can't go to that kind of light. How can they?"

As I watched, the light drew them and as the people got closer to the light, I saw that the light had substance. I mean, it was like laser light. You know, laser surgery concentrates a beam of light directly onto an area and it removes cataracts or whatever needs removing.

I saw somebody going closer and closer and as they did, the dark stuff was kind of... zapped off of them by beams of laser liquid light. They didn't even notice. There was no pain. They didn't scream, "Hey! Give me back my vice!" The closer they got to the light, the more of their 'stuff' was removed by the laser.

I was babbling and telling my best friend what I saw. It was too cool. I understood that I was being shown a principle for getting rid of the junk in my life. Stop trying to be the lone ranger trying to deal with it alone and...go and get the emotional laser surgery I need.

It's encouraging to know that I don't have to have it all together before I approach Jesus. If I had to have it all together, I'd be in so much trouble, but I don't. He seemed, in the vision, to be absolutely thrilled to just help people get rid of their hurts and vices. I don't need to be told twice. I want it. The more dark emotions I have, the less room I have for good ones like joy, hope and peace and even medical doctors and science will tell you... too much negative emotions and stress can kill you.

One other thing... this surgery seems to have no waiting list. Everybody can be at the front of the line. Ha! I like it!