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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Response to Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking says that we don’t need God anymore. He can speak for himself. God knows how much I need to believe in a being that is higher than myself. If I’m it. If I’m all there is, that’s a sad statement. I wouldn’t even call that evolution. I would call it devolution.
No. I’m not dissing myself. I’m not a loser or a ne’er do well, but I’m certainly not the picture of perfection. If I’m it, evolution has been a failed experiment indeed.
I know Mr. Hawking is a brilliant scientist. He has studied atoms and quantum physics and all of those high things that show us how the world works. Still, knowledge is one thing. Wisdom is another and this brilliant brilliant scientist has a serious lack of wisdom going on. I mean, he’s going on and on about how we have to go and settle other planets if we want to survive as a species and yet, we mustn’t contact alien life forms or we’re in big trouble.
This guy wants to tell me whether I need God or not? Sorry, Stephen. Your knowledge has puffed you up, as knowledge without wisdom always does. You go on worshipping science as that is your religion and I’ll go on worshipping God who has forgotten more about science than you know.
And according to Frances Collins, another brilliant scientist and the man who unlocked the human genome, creation does not negate the existence of God, but illustrates and strongly suggests that He is there. And since I don’t see Frances in the press uttering all kinds of ludicrous things about alien life forms and real life Star Trek expeditions, I think I will get my science from him and not you.
Oh I know. The politically correct police are going to lambaste me now for thinking I’m persecuting a man in a wheelchair. That’s not the issue here. Stephen Hawking has made a name for himself in the scientific community for being one of the most gifted scientists in the world, but he has had a few forays into the press that indicate his stability may be in question and this man is presuming to tell the whole world what to believe.
What’s next, Stephen? Should we stop being kind to each other as we don’t need morality and human decency anymore? Should these things go the way of the dodo bird? Should we stop caring for those less fortunate in society (such as people in wheelchairs) for, if there is no God, there is no need to obey a moral code and we can do as we please.
Darwin noticed a huge flaw in his theory of natural selection. He said that he observed that a dog would go by an ailing cat every day and would lick it and exhibit kindness toward the cat. He said that if natural selection were correct, that animals would have no capacity for kindness, but would simply be competing with each other without restraint in order for the fittest and best to survive. (I paraphrased, but that’s what he was saying.)
You have been staring at test tubes and microscopes for too long. You aren’t looking at humanity and the biggest evidence of God that there is. Human beings are born with the knowledge that there is a right and there is a wrong. They have some kind of leaning toward a moral code of some kind. That would not be present in any way, shape or form if we were all just an accidental mound of goop, if our existence were just nature’s way of keeping meat fresh. We would be killing each other at will. We would be stealing each other’s stuff with no restraint. No law. Taking what we want, for we are living out the theory of ‘survival of the fittest’.
It doesn’t happen that way, though. Does it, Stephen Hawking? Even a dog will nurse a cat’s young. Dolphins have rescued human beings in the ocean from sharks or from drowning. There is Darwin’s kind dog, licking the cat every time it walks by.
The same God who initiated the big bang; the same God who designed all of the universe we enjoy; that same God shows His existence so clearly and so often, and yet brilliant scientists and fools refuse to see it. He couldn’t illustrate His existence any clearer to me, the simple writer who dares to look for Him.
Of course, you could not admit to God’s existence, could you, Stephen? That would suggest that there was someone greater than you. Worship of oneself is foolish because we’re here today and we’re gone tomorrow. We make very weak and paltry gods.
I haven’t even bothered to bring up Dawkins and Hitchens here as I’m only dealing with Stephen Hawking’s words to the press yesterday. I have the same argument for the claims of those men. Yes. I respect them as brilliant scientists and excellent journalists, but I do not draw their conclusions from the evidence that they seem to twist and manipulate at will. I hate that the young are drawn to their arguments. Of course they are. The young do not have the capacity to understand when they’ve been duped.
So, you can go ahead, Stephen, and believe in nothing. Believe that all of this just happened by accident. I can’t even throw two slices of bread, a butter knife and an open jar of peanut butter around and get a sandwich, but you can believe that all of the universe was random.
Believe what you want, Mr. Stephen Hawking. Believe in disbelief. Spend your whole life examining what God created, missing the forest for the trees. Frankly, I don’t have enough faith to believe in nothing. 


  1. Well said, Mayzee. I will praise Him every day for what He has done in my life.

  2. Me too. I can't help it. I know what He's done for me and what He continues to do for me and I can't deny it. Even if I wanted to deny it, how could I? His intervention in my life is far too obvious. How unfortunate for Stephen Hawking. All that knowledge and he's missing the most important fact of them all.