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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I am a terrible blogger

I have great intentions. I want to blog faithfully.

The trouble is, I get distracted so easily by life. I want to work on finally finishing the first draft of the novel I'm working on, finish the creative non-fiction piece I'm working on, write a new song, rehearse the songs I've already written, sing somebody else's songs. I need to sweep, scrub, dust and try to convince myself I'm not really a slovenly schmuck who would rather write a Pulitzer Prize winner than be domestic.

I know I need to give time to family and friends before they think aliens abducted me from the face of the earth. My best friend, Kathy, watches for my tendency to 'hermit' and gently (or not so gently if I need it) tells me, "Get out of the house!"

I need to pray and read God's Word more. Yes. I do have a vital and living faith. It's not an addendum tacked on to my life. It IS my life. I would seriously be lost without God. It's not airy fairy either. It's brass tacks and down to earth faith. I talk to God. I don't talk AT Him. I just picture Him up there going, "Hey! HEY! How about just talking to Me instead of reciting the same prayer over and over and over again?"

I have a friend who does that to me. I mean, he doesn't pray to me, but when he talks to me, all he does is repeat the same old rhetoric every time. I mean, he is angry and bitter at this person and that person and he just goes around and around it, recounting his woes to me in technicolour and the stories never change. The words are exactly the same and it drives me bonkers. That is how I imagine God feels when we talk to Him as if He's a vending machine and prayers are our quarters.

Anyway, that was a rabbit trail and I go down them now and then. It's ok. Sometimes rabbit trails lead to a wonderland.

So, as I was saying, I want to blog and I get sidetracked and then, months go by and my blog sits there like an empty library just waiting to be filled with literary masterpieces... or even the crap I write. ;-) That was my sense of humour kicking in there. Don't comment that I should have more self esteem. If self deprecation is funny, I'll use it. If it's not funny, I won't. I was the class clown. Now I am the clown of blog-dom. I cannot pass up an opportunity to get a laugh.

This time, it will be different. I'm going to blog faithfully once a week for a whole year. This is a goal I am setting. I'm going to do it. Maybe. I hope. The phone is ringing. Hey. Are those cashews? Whoa. A new Facebook application. What are those dogs doing outside my window? Yawn. I could use a nap. January sales! You see? Distractions are me. I'm going to take a stab at writing weekly, but... we'll see. LOL!

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